1. Name and Location

1.1. The name of the society is The European Malignant Hyperthermia Group (EMHG), known hereafter as the Group.

1.2. The registered head office of the Group is located at the institutional address of the Secretary of the Group. The head office can be relocated upon the decision of the Board of Directors. All registered members of the Group must be informed about the relocation of the head office by e-mail within one month. Within the same time the relocation must be published on the homepage of the Group (www.emhg.org).

2. Language

The language used by the Group at its meetings is English.

3. Aims of the Group

It shall be the aims of the Group:

  • to provide a forum for discussion between the various European Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) Centres.

  • to improve, maintain and update the quality of diagnostic standards of MH susceptibility in Europe.

  • to increase knowledge about MH for the medical community and for patients.

  • to promote inter-laboratory scientific research on MH.

  • To promote research into the molecular aetiology and new-pharmacologically-based treatments of MH.

4. Membership

All members of the Group shall continuously meet the requirements of their particular category of membership.

4.1. Categories of Membership

4.1.1. Laboratory Membership

Laboratories which meet the agreed standards of the Group for MH diagnostic testing and quality assurance (IVCT and genetic testing) shall receive formal recognition from the Group through laboratory membership. New laboratories will be accepted by the Executive Committee if they meet the agreed standards. There are two different laboratory membership categories: Laboratory membership for IVCT Laboratory membership for genetic testing

4.1.2. Individual Membership Active Member

Active membership is open to individuals from institutions that are actively involved in MH testing according to the European protocol (IVCT or genetic testing) or from institutions in Europe that are engaged in MH research. Eligible applicants will become members upon receipt by the Treasurer of the  membership fee. When screening for MH susceptibility, all active members are obliged to follow the most recent Group Protocols. Associate Member

Individuals from other institutions and other interested persons may become an associate member upon receipt of the membership fee by the Treasurer. They may attend General meetings, but will have no voting rights. Honorary Member

A person who has attained outstanding eminence in MH or related fields may be proposed for honorary membership by any member by writing to the secretary of the Group. The secretary shall present the proposal to the next General Meeting of the Group for consideration.

4.2. Privileges of Membership

Only active and honorary members shall have the right of voting.

4.3. Membership Fees

Laboratory, active and associate members shall pay annual fees in the amount suggested by the Board of Directors, subject to approval by the Annual General Meeting.

4.4. Cessation of Membership

Membership shall cease upon death, written notice by the member or non-payment of the annual membership fee.

5. Board of Directors

5.1. Composition

The Board of Directors will comprise one member from each MH laboratory having obtained laboratory membership.

5.2. Meetings

The Annual Meeting of the Board Directors shall be held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee may call an Extraordinary Board Directors' Meeting to consider urgent business. A notice of the Meeting including the agenda and proposed changes of the Group Protocols must be sent by e-mail to all Board Directors at least 1 month in advance. A quorum of 50% of the Board Directors is mandatory.

5.3. Duties

The Board of Directors will be responsible for the Group Protocols. A change in the Protocols will only be made if at least 90% of the Board Directors present at a Board Directors' Meeting agree to it. If a Board Director is unable to attend the Meeting she/he can send a representative.

6. Executive Committee

6.1. Composition

The Group shall be administered by an Executive Committee consisting of a president, a chairman, a secretary, a treasurer, and up to six other physicians or scientists (one actively involved in IVCT, two being experts in MH genetics, one being responsible for quality assurance, one being responsible for the Group website and one young members representative). At least one member of the Executive Committee must be a clinical anaesthetist. The Executive Committee may co-opt additional members. Other than the President, who may be an honorary member, all members of the Executive Committee must be active members in good standing.

6.2. Duties

The Executive Committee shall direct and conduct the general activities of the Group. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held at regular intervals at least every year in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting.

6.2.1. President

The President is the immediate Past-Chairman of the Group and shall be available for advice to the Executive Committee, he has no voting rights.

6.2.2. Chairman

The Chairman shall administer the affairs of the Group according to the policies set by the Board of Directors, the General Meeting and as defined in the Constitution. The Chairman shall be Chair of the Board of Directors and of the Annual General Meeting.

6.2.3. Secretary

The secretary shall maintain and preserve the records of the Group, and direct the administrative functions of the Group.

6.2.4. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the security of the assets of the Group as directed by the Executive Committee. Any direct financial transaction of the Group shall be conducted through a bank account. The treasurer shall present an annual report of the financial transactions during the past year and of the assets of the Group at the Annual General Meeting. The currency will be the Euro.

6.2.5. Expert in IVCT

The IVCT Expert shall be responsible for maintaining and updating of IVCT protocols as directed by the Board of Directors.

6.2.6. Experts in Genetics

The Experts in Genetics shall be responsible for maintaining and updating Guidelines for genetic MH screening as directed by the Board of Directors

6.2.7. Expert in Quality Assurance

The Expert in Quality Assurance shall be responsible for quality assurance projects of the Group as directed by the Board of Directors.

6.2.8. Website Director

The Website Director shall be responsible for maintaining and updating the Group website.

6.2.9. Young Members Representative

The Young Members Representative shall contribute to increase the EMHG membership of young colleagues. This member should be under 40 years, have attended the EMHG meeting at least once before and be connected with an EMHG laboratory.

6.3. Election

The Executive Committee is elected by the General Meeting for a 4 year period by a simple majority of the votes cast. Re-election may take place.

In the case of resignation or incapacity of a member of the Executive Committee, remaining members may co-opt a temporary replacement for the duration of the period up until the next General Meeting, when an election to the vacancy for a 4 year period should be held by a simple majority of the votes cast. 

7. Modification of the Constitution

Proposals for a modification of the Constitution or for the disbanding of the Group shall be submitted to the secretary in writing at least one month before a General Meeting, and shall be accepted by a majority of two thirds of the members present; proxy votes will be accepted from absent members.

8. General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting shall take place every year in conjunction with a scientific meeting. The Executive Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting to consider urgent business. A Notice of the Meeting including the Agenda shall be sent by e-mail to all members at least 1 month in advance.

Decisions may not be taken on matters not on the Agenda, unless it is unanimously decided otherwise. The minimum accepted quorum for any decision is 20 members of the Group.

9. Resolutions

Other than in the special circumstances provided for in the present Constitution, resolutions of the Group shall be carried by a straight majority of members present including proxy votes, and shall be conveyed to all members of the Group in the form of Minutes.

10. Website

The Group has an own website (www.emhg.org). The current Group Protocols, as well as the Constitution of the Group, and the Membership list may be obtained from the website.

Potsdam, May 18, 2019