The 2015 guidelines were first published as part of the following article and are reproduced with permission (Copyright ©  2015 the British Journal of Anaesthesia):

European Malignant Hyperthermia Group guidelines for investigation of malignant hyperthermia susceptibility P. M. Hopkins; H. Ruffert; M. M. Snoeck; T. Girard; K. P. E. Glahn; F. R. Ellis; C. R. Muller; A. Urwyler, on behalf of The European Malignant Hyperthermia Group; British Journal of Anaesthesia 2015;doi: 10.1093/bja/aev225 ( 

Disclaimer: These guidelines represent the views of the European Malignant Hyperthermia Group. They are based on careful consideration and interpretation of the available evidence at the time that they were agreed. They are intended principally for clinical scientists and clinicians involved in the laboratory diagnosis of malignant hyperthermia who are encouraged to take them fully into account when exercising their diagnostic judgement. The guidelines do not over-ride the individual responsibility for laboratory directors and diagnostic clinicians to make appropriate decisions and give the best advice according to the circumstances of individual patients. Where appropriate, decisions should be made in consultation with the patient and, where relevant, their guardian.

This full text can be  downloaded as a PDF .

This full text can be downloaded as a PDF.

Permissions: These guidelines have been developed and published by the European Malignant Hyperthermia Group for personal and educational use only. Use for commercial purposes is not authorised. Prior to any part of these guidelines being reproduced in any form, including translations, written permission must be obtained from the Secretary of the European Malignant Hyperthermia Group.