There are currently three different grants awarded by the EMHG. Recipients of the grants will be announced on the EMHG website.


Partnership Award

The EMHG is pleased to announce a call for applications for this bursary scheme. The aim of the awards is to foster engagement between the EMHG and colleagues in countries with no established MH diagnostic service. Specifically, the award will make a contribution to the costs of a medically qualified practitioner attending the next EMHG Annual Meeting.

Two years after having attended the EMHG Annual Meeting the recipient is requested to submit a progress report.

Application process

Applications should take the form of a statement (up to 500 words) in English that explains the benefits that would arise if you were able to attend the next EMHG Annual Meeting. In addition to any personal developments it is expected that you will make a case for how you will use the experience to improve the care of potential MH patients in your country. Your statement should be accompanied by a short (1 page) curriculum vitae and a letter of support from your head of department.

Applications should be sent to the Secretary of the EMHG, by email ( to be received by 28th February.

EMHG Young Investigator Research Grants up to €2500.

Applications are invited for EMHG Young Investigator Research Grants which are intended for researchers seeking smaller amounts of money to undertake projects of relatively modest size.

Collaborative research pump-priming

One of the original aims of the EMHG was to foster collaborative research between member laboratories. There have been some notable successes over the years but also many ideas that have not been followed through. In order to encourage high quality research ideas the EMHG Executive now propose to offer small grants to support the development of collaborative research projects.

The awards will be open to active or associate members of the EMHG who are in good standing and will be up to a maximum of €10,000. Applications for smaller amounts are encouraged.


The criteria for judging applications will include:

  1. The clinical and/or scientific importance of the research question;

  2. Study methodology

  3. Potential for involvement of more than one EMHG member group

  4. Feasibility

  5. Proposed analyses

  6. Potential for leading to further studies

  7. Value for money

Application process

Download the application form, complete it in and email it to the EMHG Secretary. Only those applications submitted with the correct form will be considered

Assessment of applications

Applications will be considered by a panel that will be drawn from non-conflicted members of the Executive and Board of Directors


Applications will be received at any time with awards submitted before the end of March considered at the board meeting during the annual meeting and those submitted before the end of September considered in the winter executive committee meeting each year.