EMHG Young Investigator Research Grants up to € 2500.

Applications are invited for EMHG Young Investigator Research Grants which are intended for researchers seeking smaller amounts of money to undertake projects of relatively modest size.


  • An application will be considered from a principal investigator (PI) from clinical or academic departments where at least one applicant from the research group is a member of the EMHG.

  • The project must be relevant to malignant hyperthermia.

  • All applicants must have a significant and substantial contribution to the conception or design of the project.

  • The research must be carried out according to the ICH Good Clinical Practice guidelines, the WMA Declaration of Helsinki, or follow all national and international guidelines for the care and use of laboratory animals, as appropriate.

  • Successful recipients must supply a report of the research to the EMHG within two years of receiving the grant. If the research is not finished within this time frame of two years, annual reports on the progress must be submitted to the EMHG.

  • The EMHG must be acknowledged in any presentation or publication that arises from the project.

The Support

Various kinds of study will be considered (small clinical/bench-top projects, innovation development, observational studies/data collection, quality improvements as well as the more traditional clinical or non-clinical research projects). The money may be for equipment (excluding laptops, personal computers, filing cabinets and other basic office equipment), consumables, part salary or other expenses that will be directly incurred by the research. Indirect costs or “overheads” will not be covered.

Applicants who have obtained part-funding for their project from another source may apply for this grant but must declare the details of the other source of funding. Similarly, applicants may apply who wish to use this grant to support an application to another source.

Researchers’ travel expenses and conference attendance will not be covered

Application process

Applicants should complete the application form and return by email to the secretary of the EMHG. Deadline for submission is November 1st.

The applicant should contact the secretary if they have not received an acknowledgement of receipt within one week of submitting their application.

Please be advised that, incomplete or unsigned applications will not be considered.