MH Event registry

The EMHG has created an internet database registry for anonymous registration of MH events. The program has been set up in order to get more information about the incidence of MH. The registry can be reached at



EMHG Mission Statement

The European Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) Group was formed in 1983 with the following aims:

  • to provide a forum for discussion between the various European MH investigation centers

  • to improve, maintain and update the quality of diagnostic standards of MH susceptibility

  • to increase knowledge about MH for the medical community and for patients

  • to promote inter-laboratory scientific research on MH

  • to establish a common database

  • to promote research into the molecular aetiology and new pharmacologically-based treatments of MH




The EMHG has issued and published guidelines for the investigation of MH susceptibility. These cover in-vitro contracture testing, as well als molecular genetic investigations.



Numerous sequence variants have been identified in RYR1. The EMHG lists diagnostic RYR1 mutations and provide an online tool to allow for in-depth RYR1 sequence information.



Besides the guidelines of the EMHG there are a couple of recommendations, such as management of MH crisis, activated charcoal filters or additional IVCT testing options.