The EMHG has created an internet database registry for anonymous registration of MH events. The program has been set up in order to get more information about the incidence of MH.

The registry can be reached at

What should be reported ?

Any clinical event with a suspicion of MH.

Who can report ?

A physician involved in the treatment of the patient with an MH suspicious event.

What happens next ?

After completion of the online form you will receive a unique event identification key (UEIK) from the system.
If you refer the patient to an MH diagnostic center, then you also transmit the UEIK to that center. 

What is the aim ?

The aim is to:

  • Collect information on MH suspicious events and have an estimate of the frequency of such events
  • Provide a link between the anonymous clinical data in the registry and the MH diagnosis established in an MH diagnostic center
  • Improve the diagnostic workup of patients referred to MH investigation centers